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Tips For Claim Process

If you have flood damage, here are some tips to handle the claim process. All have been verified and double checked by agents.

Before you do anything else….

1. If you have flood insurance, contact NFIP to file a claim immediately. You can also contact your insurance agent to help you facilitate the claim.

2. If you do not have insurance go to

and apply for assistance. (This is not guaranteed money and is handled on a case by case basis) you can also file for assistance even if you do have flood insurance. Sometimes it helps cover the gaps in coverage.3. Quickly alert your mortgage company to inform them of your loss. They will be involved in any payout and can help you speed up the payment process.

4. Call a water remediation company and get on their list as soon as possible.

5. If you have lost vehicles, secure rentals as soon as possible.

6. Don’t wait to interview contractors. A storm of this magnitude has already begun to consume good contractors.

7. Be very careful with the out of town contractors. Very few are legitimate and worthy of your time and money.

8. Begin now to mitigate your losses by removing anything that can house mold. When the temps begin to rise you will see how fast the mold can take over.

9. It is NOT true that you must wait to remove anything until the adjuster arrives. We are in a catastrophic scenario and it could be weeks before an adjuster shows up.

10. Save only samples of things you throw away.

11. Document everything via photos and video (especially personal property)

12. Food is covered. Take photos of what you have and throw it out.

13. Realize that you have a long road ahead of you to get back to whole. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to lean on friends and family.

Here is a great website that may help you navigate this process